I know you have questions, probably lots of them, because you've never seen anything like this. Let's get you the answers you need.

What is a Wooden Boombox?

The Wooden Boombox is a portable music player built into a custom-designed and laser engraved wooden case. In short, it’s the most visually appealing way to listen to all your favorite tunes – wherever you go.

How are they made?

Every Wooden Boombox is made of solid Mahogany which is laser-cut and engraved, with care, in Charlotte North Carolina. We then hand build each one, making sure every detail is perfect before they ship. Artists are commissioned to design each box, which are created in limited runs. Once they are gone, additional releases are at the discretion of the artist.

 What about the guts?

The sound is pumped through a 10W amplifier via a Bluetooth connection then projected through two 3" full range speakers. It’s the perfect size box to fill a busy room, workspace or patio with sound. Each box is powered by an outlet plug or you can upgrade to a rechargeable 12V 2200 mAh battery pack for hours of wireless playtime.

 Is there a warranty?

Absolutely! Every wooden boombox is warrantied for 1 year from purchase against defects in components or faulty labor. We do everything we can to make sure you receive a product that functions just as good as it looks.

What about the chargers?

Every wooden boombox is shipped with a trickle charger, which is used to charge but not over charge your boombox. The input voltage for these chargers ranges from 100-240VAC. We are not responsible for improper use of these chargers. You may need additional AC-AC power plug adapter for international use. IMPORTANT - DO NOT TRY AND USE OTHER CHARGERS WITH YOUR BOOMBOX. YOU CAN DAMAGE THE BATTERY. IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO ONLY LEAVE YOUR BOOMBOX PLUGGED IN WHEN CHARGING, DO NOT LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. THIS WILL CAUSE THE BATTERY TO LOSE IT'S ABILITY TO HOLD A CHARGE MUCH QUICKER. EVERY BATTERY HAS A LIFE CYLCE, FOLLOWING THESE STEPS WILL ALLOW YOUR BOOMBOX LAST.

Is it Bluetooth?


How big is it?

All of our boxes are 6 in. x 9 in. x 3 in. (22.86 cm. x 15.24 cm. x 7.62 cm.) and are roughly 3 pounds (1.36 kg). Take that 20 pound ghetto blasters!

How long does it take to build and ship?

We build each boombox with care, we are constantly building, so most are ready to ship when ordered. But in the case where we don't have one built when you order, please allow approximately 1 week to build and an additional 2-5 days to deliver.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, but we don't have every country added to our list. Each country has some restrictions when shipping electronics with batteries included. If you are interested in purchasing a Wooden Boombox, please let us know and we will check the requirements for shipping to your country. *Please note: Orders shipped outside of the U.S. are subject to regular customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The Wooden Boombox is not responsible for these fees.

Are you looking for more artists?

Always! Send me a message and some info about your work!

Do you have other questions?

If you have other questions, let us know!