I'm a full-time designer, business owner and music lover. I launched The Wooden Boombox simply because I was bored with the generic, cold designs of bluetooth speakers today.  My goal was to create something expressive, stylish and original –  just like the boomboxes I grew up listening to. I love the idea of merging music with art and wanted a modern audio device that not only sounded amazing, but that was an extension of my own personal style.  

I also wanted to give some of my favorite artists a really unique platform with which to share their talent.

2 years later, that vision is a reality. After countless iterations, half a dozen laser engraving companies, months of manufacturing trial and error, an embarrassing amount of charred wood, and a few badass soldering scars, I finally had a product that merged three of my favorite things successfully; art, music, and quality craftsmanship.

This was the first box I ever made, this is what started it all!